Cyber Knowledge & Risk Assessment

Assess The Level Of Risk Using Our Cyber Knowledge Risk Assessment Quizzes

Assess The Level Of Cyber Knowledge In Your Business

The most important aspects of any cybersecurity awareness training is to be able to benchmark the level of staff awareness. Next is being able to assess the effectiveness of the training content by assessing staff knowledge post taking the training.

CyberShield provides this facility with our Cyber Knowledge Assessment Quizzes. Clients can either create their own security assessment questions and answers. They can also choose from pre-supplied assessments that cover many security topics that staff need to be aware of.

CyberShield - Cyber Knowledge Risk Assessment

Each quiz is customisable and can be issued at any point in time. A quiz can also be used as a wrap-around to any of our training videos where you can ask questions not only on the video content itself but also in relation to any other policy or messaging you may have disseminated previously. There is also the unique capability to offer a countdown timer per question. Only through detailed analysis of how long it takes to answer each question can a true picture emerge of who is more aware than those who may require additional training.

Being able to provide results of these assessments enables the company to meet and demonstrate their compliance to legal and regulatory requirements. These will also achieve a “meets requirements” result in an internal or external audit.