IT SEC Launches ‘CyberShield’ For Security Awareness Training

CXO Insight Middle East - IT SEC Launches CyberShield

The Dubai-headquartered IT SEC has launched CyberShield, a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training platform. The cloud-based platform, which is NESA and ISR compliant,  includes simulated phishing methods, training materials and assessment tests to help companies measure the level of human risk.

“Today, most of the cybersecurity awareness programmes are based on legacy systems and we are going to change the game. CyberShield will help organisations to create a culture of cyber risk awareness and make every employee responsible for cybersecurity,” says Amir Kolahzadeh, CEO of IT SEC. “When someone comes on board, we can allow them to log in at any time and take an assessment test to build a baseline of awareness for the organisation. Based on that, we can build a customised campaign for organisations to see where the weaknesses are.”

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