Real-Time Intervention Awareness

Real-Time Training in Response to Specific Risky User behaviour

Deliver The Right Message To The Right User At The Right Time

Gartner, in their most recent review of the security awareness training market, said “the company who can deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time in response to risky user behaviour, will transform this industry”

Actions such as plugging in USB keys, trying to download free software, access sensitive data followed by access to Dropbox are only a few examples of situations where staff could be provided with content that would instantly help them to understand the risks of their actions and remind them of their responsibilities.

With our Real-Time Intervention Awareness module, clients create security awareness content on our platform. These are snippets of security policies, tips and warnings. This content can then be sent to an employee immediately in response to an existing security defense.

CyberShield - Real-Time Intervention Awareness
CyberShield - Real-Time Message Web Browsing

By ingesting these alarms, we are able to trigger the contextualised awareness content directly to the offending staff member. Messages sent are then record through user’s acknowledgement which can then be used in any reporting.