Security Awareness with Arabic Content

Cyber Security Awareness Training in Arabic Designed Specifically for the Middle East & North Africa, GCC Government organizations and enterprises

CyberShield is designed to assist management to create, deliver and measure an effective Cyber Security Awareness Traning Program in the United Arab Emirates “UAE”, Saudi Arabia “KSA” and all across the middle east  GCC, Middle East and North Africa in Arabic, English, French and many other languages.
We understand the global nature of business and the importance of delivering a consistent, concise cybersecurity message to all employees of a multi-regional organization. Our Arabic contented is created not translated. CyberShield offers Arabic Cyber Security Awareness Content with regional details that create a more authentic and engaging training experience for all end users.

Key Features and Benefits for Security Awareness & Phishing Simulation in Arabic and Regional Format

  • Customizable content – Administrators can tailor simulated phishing templates and Teachable Moments; write their own CyberShield questions in any supported language; and implement in-region messaging via our modules
  • Easy language selection – Drop-down menus allow you to quickly and easily choose a language for your assessments and assignments
  • Localized content – We don’t just translate our content, we localize it to match the conventions of our supported languages. Items like domains, branding, character names, currencies, regional references are language-appropriate, creating a more personal, relevant, and engaging training experience
  • Support for international time zones – Administrators can create a mock phishing attack for any time zone. It also simulates the time a real attack may happen anywhere (without considering of the admin’s home region).
  • Regional data storage and data privacy features – We can host customer data in three different regions. Our data privacy options comply with any regional privacy laws.
  • Multiple authentication options – We provide several user authentication options, including single sign on (SSO), authentication tokens, and user name/password login
Security Awareness in Arabic
Security Awareness Campaigns in Dubai UAE

Fully Featured, Effective Security Awareness and Training Solution for Regional Companies

We all prefer learning material in our mother tongue. This is the reason why we built CyberShield, The only Security Awareness Training in Arabic. We help our multi-regional clients by rolling out new campaigns in the Arabic language. Cultural differences are taken into account. Training can be effective when used examples are recognized by employees from their own daily jobs.